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"Look no more for a fun morning or afternoon with the kids in a safe and socially distanced environment this summer!"

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'Kensington Mums were delighted to be invited to see the amazing Dinosaur World Live show that brings dinosaurs to life on stage at The Drive In at Troubadour Meridian Water from Friday 7 to Sunday 30 August 2020.

It was as good as seeing the show live, actually it was much more fun since we were inside the car and following all the extreme measures and guidelines due to Covid-19. Imagine seeing the show live and on a huge screen simultaneously from inside your car – brilliant idea and fun thing to do with the whole family!

It is indeed a great experience not to be missed to be able to enjoy this show especially during these uncertain times where you don’t want to have your little one neither yourself not being able to social distance.

The Drive In is fully contact-free and complies with all official safety guidelines to protect your family, artists, crews and staff at all times. Performances are in a raised central location giving everyone a great view wherever they park up and the majestic roars of Dinosaur World Live will be played direct to your vehicle’s FM radio.

The whole experience was fantastic! From the start you enter the premises, you show your ticket on your mobile to the lovely staff who are fully protected by masks and they direct you where you need to park and most important assign you your bay number to see the performance live from your car you must keep note of this number as you will need it if you want to order beverages and food.

Once you are parked in your designated space, I highly suggest to do as we did – go to their website and place your order. We had hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, slushes and soft drinks. They have a menu with a huge selection that pleases everyone including alcoholic beverages. Once you placed the order you get it within minutes and you can enjoy hot delicious food in the comfort of your own car whilst watching the show. We ordered ice-creams which we asked to bring after and they were excellent at delivering at the perfect time once we finished eating our burgers and hot dogs and were ready for our dessert!

Entertainment started as we were parking the car. A lady is on screen telling you what to do and how the event will unfold and also doing sort of a “car-okee”. Then sharply the show commences and you are in front of stunning puppetry remarkably life-like dinosaurs on stage which are also projected on the huge screen. Our little ones were really thrilled!

The whole show is amazing and the best is that it is very informative and educational at the same time, so much so that I learned things I didn’t even knew!

Look no more for a fun morning or afternoon with the kids in a safe and socially distanced environment this summer!!!'

You can read the full review on Kensington Mums' site here!


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