Funniest Moments from Action Movies


Funniest Moments from Action Movies

21 May 2021

Join us now for a trip down memory lane, and experience a total recall of some of the most hilarious lines and action movie moments that even the most die-hard of fans will agree are unrivalled.

One-liners, quips, jokes, and put-downs…action movies may be great at delivering explosive excitement, but when it comes to the funniest moments and quotes, they are the true king of cinema. Finding the funniest ones of all though…now that’s a mission worth accepting!

Join us now for a trip down memory lane, and experience a total recall of some of the most hilarious lines and action movie moments that even the most die-hard of fans will agree are unrivalled.


This 1985 classic delivered so many funny moments, that we could easily devote a whole article to it! Arnold Schwarzenegger portrays an ex-special forces commando whose daughter gets kidnapped by one of his old soldiers, and needless to say, he goes to any length to get her back.

The movie features multiple gags and wisecracks, and Arnold shows off his comedic timing to a high standard. The most memorable feature? Arnie’s lines after eliminating numerous bad guys. In fact, he takes out 102 in total to be exact, no mean feat.

Three lines, in particular, stay as amusing today as they were way back in the ’80s.

Arnie gets off to a good start when he bumps off a villain on a plane. Throwing off any attention to a bad guy he just “terminated”, he delivers this classic line to an air stewardess before take-off:

 “Don’t disturb my friend…he’s dead tired.”

In another classic scene, Arnie’s character takes out a particularly slimy 80’s henchman by dispatching him off a cliff. His sassy female sidekick asks soon afterwards just what happened to him. Arnie’s classic response?

”I let him go”.

Simple but effectively side-splitting.

The best and most classic line of all though has to come in the movie’s finale. After a tense bit of hand-to-hand combat in a warehouse with the movie’s main adversary, Arnie delivers a fatal blow using a pipe. A rather nasty end meets the bad guy and this immortal one-liner is swiftly delivered soon after:

“Let off some steam, Bennett”

Demolition Man

Into the ’90s now and Stallone was having a semi resurgence with this gem. Stallone plays John Spartan, a badass cop who has spent decades being in cryogenic suspension. Unthawed to catch a criminal, John has a hard time getting used to the future, with many comical scenes illustrating this with hysterical outcomes.

One of the most intriguing and intensely debated scenes has to be that concerned with the “three seashells”. Any action fan knows that this has caused intense debate for years. Stallone has a shock to the system when he goes to use the facilities and points out the toilet paper is missing. A running joke ensues about how this has been replaced in the future by the economic seashell method instead. If you are really curious, there are plenty of theories online as to how this works, but let’s just say, we think it's better to stick with toilet paper for now!

The future has also sorted out bad language for good, by fining all citizens every time they swear. At one point Stallone decides to test the fining machine with a succession of bad language, which results in guaranteed hilarity.

In what might be Stallone’s most well-known comedic scene, he engages in a romantic rendezvous. Seducing up-and-coming star Sandra Bullock, this method, in which she offers to get intimate, proves a little too futuristic for comfort. Romance is initiated through the art of virtual reality goggles, resulting in less sexy spark and more deflated comic fizzle, than anything else!

True Lies

Another Arnie classic from the ’90s, and at one time, the most expensive movie ever made, it ranks up there as one of his best. Playing the secret agent Harry Tasker, Arnie is trying to save the world and his marriage at the same time. Jamie Lee Curtis turns in a heartfelt performance as his bored housewife who is desperate to get shaken and stirred by some espionage adventure.

The action, directed by the Oscar Winning legend James Cameron, is spectacular, and the comedy is equally as classy!

The best comedic scenes have to go to one of the supporting cast, Bill Paxton. The only actor in history to have faced death at the hands of a Predator, a Terminator and an Alien! He gave a career-best turn as the sleazy car salesman pretending to be a James Bond superspy, trying to have his way with Jamie Lee Curtis.

Paxton nails the fake secret agent spiel to a tee, and a very funny moment occurs when Arnie turns the tables on him. Interrogating him about what he has been up to with his wife, Paxton soon finds things just a little too traumatic. Before he knows it, he loses control of his bladder! A great line follows in the form of:

“Would a spy pee himself?”

We also can’t mention the movie without referring to its amazing ending, where Arnie literally launches the villain into oblivion. Years before it was made even more famous by Alan Sugar (who, let’s face it, is not really action movie material), this line thrilled and amused audiences worldwide. The main adversary was blown away to an explosive end whilst attached to a missile, leading to this piece of cinematic gold from the Austrian Oak:

“You’re fired”

Bad Boys

Bringing the action more up to date, we will finish with this Will Smith blockbuster franchise. Totalling no less than three instalments, Smith plays a wisecracking cop who partners up with Martin Lawrence, taking down drug dealers, leaving complete chaos in their wake.

We can’t repeat all the lines here because most of them are pretty racy indeed. If you like your quips and humorous one-liners with a bit of adult sass though, these movies are for you.

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