The ideal film for datenight


The ideal film for datenight

12 May 2021

The age-old question of what movie makes for the best date night entertainment has bugged many couples, over the years. Here at the Drive In, we’ve been thinking deeply about this…maybe too deeply, and we think we might just have the ultimate list to satisfy even the hardest to please couple.

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The age-old question of what movie makes for the best date night entertainment has bugged many couples, over the years. Here at the Drive In, we’ve been thinking deeply about this…maybe too deeply, and we think we might just have the ultimate list to satisfy even the hardest to please couple.

Check it out below:

Here’s Looking At You, Award Lover Couples:

Humphry Bogart and Ingrid Bergman gave the ultimate lovers performance in the Oscar-winning Casablanca back in the ’40s. Any couple who watches it will no doubt “play it again” on countless occasions.

For a more up to date Oscar-worthy romance, it’s worth checking out the award-winning performance from Jennifer Lawrence, in the hit movie Silver Linings Playbook.

If you’re a couple who appreciate finer serious cinema of the award-winning variety, then why not make it an Oscar-Worthy night out at the Drive In? We’re showing the highly acclaimed Judas and The Black Messiah, along with The Little Things, starring no less than three Oscar Winners!

Let Us Tell You More, Music-Loving Couples:

Moving on from award winning actors to chart-busting music, those looking for a great soundtrack experience, and lovable performance will truly appreciate (500) Days of Summer.

Boasting a killer soundtrack, it features, amongst others, Halls and Oates, The Smiths and Simon and Garfunkel. This really will make any couple’s dreams come true, and is sure to get you thinking about your own playlist afterwards. 

La La Land and Begin Again are also great movies with infectious soundtracks, that will have any music lovers tapping their feet and humming the tunes long after the credits roll.

For those couples who cannot get enough of a musical fix, then why not continue the theme with some further Summer Lovin’ in Grease? You could also follow up with a night of Re-Writing the Stars with The Greatest Showman. Of course, if you are a little more of a hard rock couple, then you might find Sound of Metal suitably more rock’n’roll for your needs!

Entertainment Old School Romantic Comedy Couples Will Say Yes, Yes, Yes To:

If banging drums furiously is a little too loud for your tastes, then an old school romantic comedy is a sure-fire winner for any date night.

You can have what she is having with When Harry Met Sally, or stick on your big pants for Bridget Jones’ Diary, but there a few others that are hidden unappreciated classics.

How about going for hidden gems like Adam Sandler’s classic crooning comedy The Wedding Singer, followed by the breakout hit for Kumail Nanjiani, The Big Sick. 80’s hair, cheesy crooning, cutting stand up and comas somehow all manage to work in this duo’s favour to deliver A-Class date night entertainment!

To make this extra special you could follow the latter movie’s themes of live performance and stand up comedy by joining us at the Drive In for a night of West End Musical performance and side-splitting laughter courtesy of our Four Wheel Comedy.

Horror Loving Couples, No One Can Hear You Scream with These Great Recommendations:

Not all of us are quite so loved up when it comes to date night. In fact, it is well known that some of the best date nights of all involve us being terrified out of our wits!

The terrifying A Quiet Place starring Emily Blunt will make any couple think twice about munching their popcorn too loudly. This alien thriller is set to be followed by A Quiet Place 2 this Summer after a long delay, and is sure to deliver as much tension and thrills as the last.

If you’re a couple that can’t get enough of a horror fix, we are also showing The Conjuring 3, the brand new entry in the supernatural shocker series at Drive In this June! Just maybe avoid any nuns or weird dolls on the way to see it.

For Epic Couples Whose Heart Will Go On and On:

If you’re a couple who isn’t quite brave enough for that experience, but still want an adrenaline thrill ride, then an epic full-blown effects extravaganza may be what rocks your boat.

If there is one film that reigns supreme it’s got to be…. Titanic. This all-time action disaster classic made a million hearts break with its tragic tale of DiCaprio and Winslet’s doomed lovers. Still impressive to this day, the heart of its appeal continues to go on and on, decades after it was first released.

If big-scale, epic disasters are how you get your romantic kicks, then you are in for a treat as we have showings of the equally epic blockbusters Godzilla Vs Kong, and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom to truly satisfy your big screen appetite!

Need to Unleash Your Inner Geek? Comics and Video Games Geek Couples, Level Up with These:

For some of you, that isn’t epic enough though. For the geekier couples amongst you, who desire an epic comeback of epic epicness (or so the poster told us), then the Edgar Wright directed classic Scott Pilgrim Vs The World will easily fulfil your comic book geeky fix.

Filled with in-jokes and references aplenty to a multitude of comic book and video game staples, this colourful and trippy movie sees Scott go up against the seven evil exes of his true love to win her heart once and for all.

If that’s your bag, you might want to follow that up with a screening of Wonder Woman 1984 to superpower your romance, or Mortal Kombat to achieve a high score your true love will never forget.

Couples Who Debate FAQ About Time Travel, and AI, Will Have Their Curiosity Satisfied:

Androids, Time Travel and Artificial Intelligence linked with romance? Yes, believe it or not, this is a whole other level of geekdom for date night. The Schwarzenegger classic The Terminator features the craziest time-bending conception scene in history. Let’s not even try to figure out the rules of sending your own father back in time to conceive you, to ensure you exist, but it’s fair to say they are complicated and show the lengths some people will go for true love! 

For the couple who prefers their time travel romance slightly less action-packed, and minus being chased by killer post-apocalyptic cyborgs, then check out Richard Curtis hit, About Time. It will certainly satisfy your time travel and romantic needs in one very well wrapped typically British package.

If you fancy something a little more international, then the much-underappreciated Japanese romantic sci-fi drama Cyborg She would be well worth seeking out. This mind-bending flick sees a young Japanese man sent a cyborg girlfriend by his old future self, and the path of true love gets set in motion soon after. Just think of it as The Terminator meets Notting Hill, but set in Japan instead, and you get the idea.   

If all of those really heightened your love of all things robotic, and you want to appreciate some robotic romance in the Summer Sun, you are in luck, as the brand-new Melissa McCarthy sci-fi rom-com, Superintelligence, is also showing at the Drive In.

Nobody Puts Swayze Fanatic Couples in The Corner:

If there was one leading man that defined date night in the ’80s and 90’s it had to be the legend that is Patrick Swayze. His triumphant trio of all-time classics, Roadhouse, Ghost and Dirty Dancing deliver action, heart, amazing mullet hairstyles, pottery and the ultimate celluloid appearance of watermelon.

Watching these three movies back-to-back, any couple will have the time of their life and believe in love lasting forever. You will also believe a bouncer can sort out any red neck bar brawl by being nice and practising tai chi, something only a man of Swayze’s screen presence could pull off!

Looking for films to watch on the big screen for date night? Come check out The Drive In London for the ultimate contact-free movie experience. Book your tickets today!


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